Sux Apartment

The neurotic actress Anja and her close-mouthed camera operator Jasmin try to make a film in their science fiction looking apartment film set. The result is a montage of quirky and darkly comedic scenes, accompanied by a neighbor’s saxophone.

The 8 minute long film Sux Apartment is set in our real studio apartment that is in fact a science fiction film set for a film we failed to produce, and casts ourselves.

After failing to produce the science fiction film, we moved into the film set and later we bought a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera to shoot Sux Apartment, something quirky and darkly comedic on the interface between cinema and visual arts, to present a complication on the question of the situation of production and of what is being produced, of the apartment, and to reflect a feeling of apathy, paranoia and distraction.

As for the visual aestethics, the clean and white nature of the design and the few popping objects, underline the transparency of the antiheroins at display and their ambigiuos condition in the sux apartment, as the neighbor’s distant saxophone highlight their isolation.