Jasmin Hurst, “Dødsdansen” (The Death Dance), installation, objects, photo, site specific work, Galleri KIT, Trondheim, 2010

“Dødsdansen” is both a site specific work at Lilleby factory in Trondheim and an exhibition at Galleri KIT. I discovered light falling into a room filled with quartz stone. I gave the stones a plattform, cleaned up, painted the room white. I dived into the place, the everyday with it’s players who made the abandoned factory theirs. They picket up stones for their gardens, played gotcha, let models pose in front of the worn graffiti walls or just bumped in to see how the old workplace grew, until the excavator came and the death dance begun, taking life and giving life. Some of the “junk” piled up into a new room, the gallery, and grew into an installation. A rabbit dropped by to remind us of the endless duplicity in life.