A woman finds herself trapped in a nightmare with two violent guys and must find a way out.

To make Beaten Anja Høvik Strømsted jumped of a bus with a thigh strain, oiled her eyeballs with tiger balm and shot a chasing scene in the marshlands that are part of the forbidden zone of the Staten Island neighborhood Bloomfield, patrolled by a private security force. Jasmin Hurst hunted goats, jump started every bus several times and removed hundreds of pumpkins and wreck cars to make the set. We wanted to film the organic dimensions of being beaten and have made a film about nothing other than physical and sentimental violence. This visceral film wishes to transform raw emotions to the format of cinema. Taking a stance, the woman refuses to negotiate her position, irretractable forward facing; her body is the battleground. Alone, unfrightened and relentless in her insistence of self, she painfully claims back the definition of herself.